Don’t just focus on the “99% survival rate”

This is not the focus

Those that always focus on the 99% “survival” rate, there are also other important factors to consider, many people do not speak about these, maybe because of bias, ignorance or other reason which is sad to see. Those important factors are below.

➡ 21% chance of blood clotting from Covid. (Source:

➡ Uncommonly, COVID-19 can also present with central nervous system manifestations such as ischemic stroke, intracerebral haemorrhage, encephalo-myelitis, and acute myelitis, peripheral nervous manifestations such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and Bell’s palsy, and skeletal muscle manifestations such as rhabdomyolysis. (Source:

Bells Palsy is also a side effect of SARS-CoV-2. (Source:

➡ Long term complications from Covid19 have been associated with heart, kidney, respiratory, and autoimmune issues. (Source:

➡ Estimated between 10–40% of COVID survivors develop post-COVID sequelae (Long Haul COVID), newly developed chronic health conditions as a consequence of damage from COVID infection, and newly developed disabilities. Post-Covid sequelae. (Source:

➡ 2 months after Covid 78 of the 100 people in this study had structural changes to their hearts. The average age of study participants was 49. (Source:

➡ 1 in 5 post-Covid patients suffer from psychiatric disorders 90 days after infection, data of 69 million individuals, out of whom over 62,000 had a positive Covid-19 outcome (Source:

6 month neurological and psychiatric outcomes, using electronic health records:

➡ Almost half of the patients in this study had abnormal chest X-rays and lung changes. (Source:

➡ More information via an article from Nature surrounding the misery Covid patients go through after infection. (Source:

➡ CT imagery of chest and lungs from patients about the damage SARS-CoV-2 can do. (Source:

➡ Persistent health problems reported following acute COVID-19 disease include:
Respiratory symptoms and conditions such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, lung inflammation and fibrosis, and pulmonary vascular disease.
Cardiovascular symptoms and diseases such as chest tightness, acute myocarditis and heart failure.
Protracted loss or change of smell and taste.
Inflammatory disorders such as myalgia, multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Neuralgic amyotrophic, gastrointestinal disturbance with diarrhoea.
Continuing headaches.
Fatigue, weakness and sleeplessness.
Liver and kidney dysfunction.
Clotting disorders and thrombosis.
Skin rashes

💥 Above are just most of the complications people can get after Covid infection, some conditions are lifelong. I appreciate all the reading you have done here and please share this to highlight why people shouldn’t solely highlight the 99% “survival rate”. This virus is lethal. Stay safe guys.

Thanks for reading, Lawrence. Please consider a small contribution, in the form of a beer as all articles are created in my small amount of spare time:




Passionate about evidence-based scientific information and tackling falsehoods that thrive on social media.

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Lawrence Robinson

Lawrence Robinson

Passionate about evidence-based scientific information and tackling falsehoods that thrive on social media.

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