Died Suddenly Fakeumentary — Unfounded Claims & Logical Fallacies

In today’s Medium article, I’ll be discussing the new documentary that’s been published by Stew Peters called “Died Suddenly”, it has been shared everywhere from Twitter to Facebook and mostly Telegram. This article will address the most common claims being spread, not the full gish gallop being presented in this shockumentary, so without further a do let’s get into the article.

➡️ The Claims & Funding

  • Blood Clots

The blood clots shown in the documentary, are misrepresented as human blood clots from a post-mortem from a human body. When in fact the footage used within the documentary is more akin to chicken fat clots [1].

The truth is that you’re more likely to get blood clots from post-infection [2] from SARS-CoV-2 than you are from Covid-19 vaccination. Results from one study in the UK taken from 48 million adults showed us, following Covid-19 infection, out of the 48 million adults, 125,985 were hospitalised within 28 days of COVID-19 diagnosis. Following from this there were 260,279 first arterial thromboses. [2]

Klein et al. [3] have shown us that venous thromboembolism which may have occurred after vaccination was 7.5 per million doses, this analysis comes from a JAMA study looking at the interim analysis of 11.8 million doses of 2 mRNA vaccines. This didn’t throw up any safety signals whatsoever as the number of excess cases is exceedingly small. Also, see my other Medium articles about blood clots for more evidence-based information taken from the scientific literature.

  • The basketball player who didn’t die suddenly

One basketball player who is getting commonly mistaken as dead and collapses on the field during play in 2020 is Keyontae Johnson. Funnily enough in his first game back since 2020, he scored 13 points [4], don’t think a supposed dead person can still play basketball but whatever floats Stew Peter’s boat at this point.

  • The platform that this documentary is uploaded to

Rumble is not the most reliable platform to host a documentary, so it’s very fitting that Rumble happens to be a platform that is an extreme question source as seen below in the image:

A robust website called MediaBiasFactCheck [5] has an article on Rumble showing how reliable the site is as a source, in it’s detailed report it states the following for it’s reasons why Rumble is a questionable source “Propaganda, Conspiracy, Poor Sourcing, False Information, Lack of Transparency — Factual Reporting: LOW”. That is enough evidence by itself to state that Rumble is not reliable as a source of evidence.

  • Funding of the documentary

The individual funding this documentary is none other than anti-vaccine monetary backer Mr MyPillow Mike Lindell [6]. Mike now has a track history of funding AV fringers, for whatever reason. I guess spreading misinformation is a high-money industry at the moment.

  • The embalmers

Richard Hirschman is one of a few embalmers who makes unfounded claims about blood that looks dirty, many embalmers have already published false associations of blood clot finding from supposed dead bodies [7]. The fact is that embalmers are certainly not medical professionals. A representative from the National Funeral Directors Association in the United States called Ben Schmit made a fantastic right-up on those claims the embalmers make and explains why they’re not medical professionals [8], Ben also has a degree in natural science.

  • Falsely using a YT video from 3 years ago to prove blood clots

The documentary also uses a video uploaded to YouTube three years ago titled “Pulmonary Embolectomy DVT Saddle Pulmonary Embolism” [9]. They used this to falsely represent that Covid vaccines caused blood clots.

  • Stew Peters

The main individual himself. He has publicly called for the hanging of Dr Fauci via a lynch [10] [11]. Whilst also calling for Vernon James to be killed by electro chair [10] [11]. This is the type of individual that people are gullible enough to believe the claims he spews.

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➡️ The logical fallacies being committed

  • Appeal to emotion fallacy

[1] The amount of false information that appeals to grab our attention through our own emotions is done in a way that this documentary wants you to be able to think less critically and not do any background research whatsoever. Richard Hirschman’s claims fall into this category for sure.

  • Appeal to false authority

The documentary uses embalmers as an argument from false authority as they are not medical professionals, and then at this point, their argument is unfounded. The embalmer was trying to assert their claims as true based on their position of assumed authority.

  • Dunning-Kruger effect

All of the claims made by the individuals making the statements and testimonies were so overconfident, they neither had the knowledge, skills or evidence required to fully substantiate their claims. [3]

  • Appeal to nature fallacy

Some of the sponsors within the description section of the documentary are trying to sell natural products which are supposedly better than non-natural alternatives. Antibiotics are one perfect example of how synthetic products can be good

There are other logical fallacies that are committed by this documentary but there are simply too many to list.

References: [1] https://fallacyinlogic.com/appeal-to-emotion/
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➡️ ️Conclusion
This documentary doesn’t want you to think for yourself, none of the claims is true and they can be easily disproven by credible experts. Please seek credible sources when looking anything on Covid-19 vaccination, people like myself counter this stuff to save lives.

💥 Thanks for reading, Lawrence. Please consider a small contribution, in the form of a beer as all articles are created in my small amount of spare time: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LawrenceRob



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